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In earlier days, the school management software was just for managing school operations. But nowadays, new innovations of good software have introduced an effective communication portal by which the output of the school management software is visible to various stakeholders. Be it be parents, students, management staff, or teacher. A robust software that is bringing all the stakeholders under one platform, which provides them real-time updates through a mobile app.Those organizations having better management and coordination, tends to grow stronger and reaches to the vertex. In the education sector, the school having reliable School Management Software takes the lead. There are many school software available in the market currently. And in the quest of finding the best among the rest, some tend to try-out software that hardly stands out to the requirements. In order to end down your worries, we have come up with India’s most valued and first talking ERP school software to take the learning beyond and hassle-free day to day processes. Let us begin with a brief explanation about school software, its feature, and the advantages of using reliable management software for school.

Lesson Planning

What has to be taught during the entire academic session is very pivotal to be determined and it helps the school to work in an organised and systematic manner and assign sessions accordingly. Our module helps the teachers and the school to take on the colossal task of Lesson Planning and turn it highly simple yet most effective and error-free.

The module has a Teacher's Calendar with Lesson Plan, Schedule, and Status which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class. The module has complete scope of customization as it comes with customised lesson plan option with user-defined database fields. It comes handy for the teachers and the school and they may add or modify the fields required as per their individual requirements.

It makes the scheduling of lesson plan and its delivery very easy in terms of week, month and year respectively. It has a provision for the teachers to maintain Daily Teacher’s Diary which is one of the most important documents for the teachers and the school on the whole.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Lesson Planning

  • Teacher’s Calendar with Lesson Plan Schedule and Status

  • Customized Lesson Plan with User-defined Database Fields

  • Scheduling of Week-Month-Year Lesson Plan Deliveries

  • Daily Teacher’s Diary/Log Book

  • Homework and Classwork Update

  • Observation for Student’s Homework

  • Reports on Lesson Plan Coverage

Digital Learning

During this tough time, schools were forced to shift their entire education system to an online platform. It was quite challenging since there were no tools for conducting online classes, content sharing, assignments, and online assessment.

We at Edunext, believe in accepting challenges and overcoming them. Our aim is that the learning should be continued without any hindrances. Keeping the same in mind we offered an online learning platform. It is not only restricted to conducting online classes but the Online Assignment Submission, Online Assessment, Online Content Sharing, and Exam Proctoring can also be done using E-Learning. The teachers can also share digital content in the form of audio, video, pdf, and other formats.

Initially, the schools were wondering about this major transformation in the field of education. We thank all our educators for changing traditional classroom teaching to Online teaching using the Edunext Digital learning platform. Our research and development team is continuously putting their best efforts into making online learning easy and enjoyable.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Digital Learning

  • Digital Content Sharing

  • Online Classes

  • Auto Students Attendance

  • Subjective & Objective Question Paper Generation

  • Online Assessment

  • Online Paper Checking with annotation tool

  • Online Results

Assessment & Grading

Error free and regular assessment of learning outcomes of students plays a pivotal role in the education delivery. At Edunext, we make sure the assessment process to be seamless including evaluation criteria, assessment terms, grading structures, weightage of terms, rounding off, etc. Edunext ERP’s module for assessment and grading not only ensures that it gets updated as per the changing guidelines from the examination bodies time to time but also keep records of all such changes. The deep functionalities addressing the common issues with razor sharp calculations makes this module the top choice of evaluators.

The assessment and grading also allows student and educators to pre-define their learning goals and then analyse the goals viz-a-viz the performance. This all is achieved with the help of an intuitive analytics segment available in Edunext ERP. There are more than 100 graphical and analytical reports available to understand students’ performance across years, teachers’ performance, range analysis and class-subject-school academic performance along with 1100+ report card formats.

We resonate with Carol Ann Tmlinsons - Assessment is today's means of modifying tomorrow's instruction.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Assessment & Grading

  • Complying with CBSE, CISCE, IB and IGCSE Board

  • Marks, Grades and Remarks Entry

  • Customized Report Card Generation

  • Publishing of Report Card Online and on Mobile App

  • Graphical and Range Analysis

  • Teacher Performance Report

  • Student Performance Comparison Across Years and with Classmates

  • CBSE Result Analysis with txt File Import

Library Management

Library is no less than lifeline to any school as it acts as a reservoir of knowledge for the teachers, students, and the school on the whole. The proper management of Library is highly essential to every school and this module contributes its bit in this endeavour in the most significant fashion.

The school may have book details with DDC and can manage the e-resource Library through this module. The module sends auto-reminders to the students for the books due to be returned. The school may pull out reports related to books issued, books returned, and books to be returned.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Library Management

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Multiple Library Management

  • Auto Filling of Book Details Using ISBN Online

  • E-resource Library

  • Bar-code Generation and Printing

  • Periodicals Management

  • Book Details with DDC

Homework & Assignment

Who loves to do assignments and homework but they are very important to keep the students fully charged and geared up to face the examinations. Through this module, the school can create different types of assignments, homeworks, project works, and others. It can be assigned class-wise, section-wise and even to a particular group of students with option of multilingual description. Different kinds of files related to homework and assignments can be attached in doc., pdf, jpeg formats. The assignments can be assigned and allotted to the students using Teacher Mobile Application and the best bit is that even images can be shared via mobile’s camera.

The teachers who teach different classes but the same subjects can assign the same homework/assignment to students by selection of multiple sections option. Not only that homeworks can be pre-planned and can be pre-scheduled for auto publishing on mobile and web portal.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Homework & Assignment

  • Assigning of Homework to Class/Section/Group of Students/Individual student

  • Homework in multi-language with attachments

  • Submission of homework by students with attachments

  • Homework checking and annotation online

  • Sharing feedback of homework with students

  • Option of assigning marks/credits of homework

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