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Best School Management Software Company in Noida
Best School Management Software Company in Noida

School ERP Software

Edunext Technologies has developed one of the most advanced and user friendly School ERP Software for managing various school activities.

Best School Management Software Company in India
Best School Management Software Company in India

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Top School Management Software Company in India

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Best School Management Software Company in India

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Edunext Technologies has developed one of the most advanced and user friendly School ERP Software for managing various school activities. This School ERP system provides the solution of all requirements of Admission Counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. With this School ERP One can generate circulars and sms instantly and have a multilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different regions. The application has Teacher’s Calendar with Lesson Plan, Schedule, and Status which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class. The application enables the concerned authorities to create vacancy requisitions with an option of approval by the key decision-maker. With our School ERP, the school may generate and print customised Report Cards as per their requirements. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published online and on Mobile Application.

Not only this, but our ERP is capable for providing solutions for fee management as it sends overdue fee reminders in an automated way and manages fee concession and waiver approval process. The application may also provide easy solution for homework and assignments management for the students. The application may also be used for inventory management of various products of the school including books, school dresses, diaries etc.

Moreover, Our School ERP system is capable of managing various information system including employee information system and student information system, through which, the school can manage employee attendance as well as student attendance and all the other activities of the school. Edunext's School ERP Software has been awarded as Best School ERP in India by some of the most reputed Organizations in India.

ERP Modules
A comprehensive ERP Modules with user friendly dashboards, easy navigation and well structured reports.

Admission Management

Admissions and the related processes are highly pivotal and crucial for the schools. The management of data at different levels becomes cumbersome more often than not. Our Admissions Management has made the entire Admissions process unimaginably easy and swift. Be it managing registrations or follow-ups, every bit is possible with our solution. The solution is designed to cater all requirements of Admission Counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. The applicant can make online admission enquiry, fill up registration form, upload documents, make online payment and also track the status of the application anytime. Schools can configure the steps involved in admission process for different classes and also set-up auto allotment of interaction schedules.

The Principal/Management can track the actual numbers from enquiries to admission acceptance and also compare the data with previous years. Daily MIS report on enquiries, registrations, admissions and withdrawals significantly help the management to track the students’ strength at any point in time.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Staff Recruitment

Just like students admissions, employees recruitment is a cumbersome process and involves huge volumes of data at every stage which must be managed diligently and flawlessly. The employee recruitment module assists the school to make the entire process into a swift, smooth, and easy process.

The module enables the concerned authorities to create vacancy requisitions with an option of approval by the key decision-maker. Moreover, the aspirants may submit the resume online. The school may create a bespoke vacancy-based recruitment form and can easily have user-defined selection process. Moreover, the shortlisting of candidates is possible via this module as the school has an option to create criteria point-based merit list.

The school may send customised offer letters to those finally selected via email and it can also be printed. The joining documents and joining letter may be uploaded via this platform.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Library Management

Library is no less than lifeline to any school as it acts as a reservoir of knowledge for the teachers, students, and the school on the whole. The proper management of Library is highly essential to every school and this module contributes its bit in this endeavour in the most significant fashion.

The school gets a comprehensive dashboard with an option to manage multiple libraries. Moreover, there is a great arrangement of auto filling of book details using ISBN code online. The module has a provision of creating and printing bar codes. Not only books which are managed properly, it helps to manage periodicals as well.

The school may have book details with DDC and can manage e-resource Library through this module. The module sends auto-reminders to the students for the books due to be returned. The school may pull out reports related to books issued, books returned, and books to be returned.

Further, the school may view the quantity, titles, authors of the books under different category and may determine the purchase requirement for different categories.

Top School Management Software Company in India


The Student Information System is one of the key modules of our ERP that helps you to maintain a detailed student profile with historical tracking of changes and transformations over a period of years. All the important aspects viz. promotion, demotion, suspension, withdrawal and issuance of transfer certificates can be handled easily with direct integration with student fees, attendance.The documents related to students can be uploaded directly strengthening the resolution of paperless office work. Also the parents at their convenience can request for address change, Transport request and TC requests etc.

Top School Management Software Company in India


Communication plays a major role and the increased interaction between the school and the parents is quintessential for the panoramic development of the students. Any lapses in the communication may lead to major confusion which can be easily avoided and prevented and this module takes care of it.

The Circulars and SMS can be generated in an instant and have a multilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different regions. Moreover, daily remarks related to the behaviour, participation in various events, and others can be shared with parents so that the corrective measures can be taken without any delay. The Event Calendar is also included with an arrangement of pre-scheduling the event where the notification via SMS and Mobile Application notification is sent on the pre-scheduled date. The school may send an email of any kind and nature to the parents in a collective way via this module. Further, the Mobile Application notifications can be sent to the parents in real time which are viewed instantly.

Any form of communication sent via this module at any given point in time can be viewed instantly. No matter how old is the communication, it stays stored for reference during any occasion.

The presence of the parent(s) during Parent Teacher Interaction, their issues and concerns, remarks from Class Teacher and Subject Teachers can also be recorded and registered here.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Fee Management

Any discrepancy with fee collection and managing this head creates a situation no better than chaos. The fee management module brings fee dashboard for the school with the information like day’s collection, dues-receipts, and others. It has an integrated online fee payment gateway that is highly beneficial for the school and the parents as it saves considerable time and efforts.

It sends overdue fee reminders in an automated way and manages fee concession and waiver approval process with much ease and at a great pace. Through this module, the fee can be collected through ECS and NACH as options. It manages Caution Money/Security Deposit refunds in a highly seamless way.

The school may customise the fee challans and receipts and may generate more than 40 reports related to fee collection, pending fee, and overall status respectively.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Employee Information

The teachers, administrative staff, and other staff members form the backbone of any school and managing and maintaining the records related to them is very crucial. This module helps the school to maintain detailed profile of each employee and there is a provision for the school to create fields as per the requirement. The module helps the school to manage the records of all kinds of documents related to each employee and sends out a notification in the light of expiry and when renewal is required. The details which can be added are qualification details with an option to update, employment history, promotions and subject and class allocation data, both existing and previous.

The module also records the intra-school communication for each employee and may prepare and print identity cards. This is a great tool for employees task management and has a wonderful feature of generating a range of relevant reports with required pieces of information Further, the criteria-based data mining is also possible via this module.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Employee Attendance

Attendance of any and every member directly associated with the school is of highest importance and when it comes to employees, it carries no less significance as compared to the students. This module can be easily integrated with biometric device. The school may configure Department-wise Calendar and assign weekly offs and may also configure shift timings for the Department/employee if applicable.

The employees may apply for leaves through web portal and/or mobile application. The allocation of employees leaves is very much possible via this module. Further, the employees in-pass and out-pass can be created and printed from here. The MIS Report regarding daily attendance and late coming gets generated and reach the inbox of the concerned authorities’ emails on an auto mode.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Lesson Planning

What has to be taught during the entire academic session is very pivotal to be determined and it helps the school to work in an organised and systematic manner and assign sessions accordingly. Our module helps the teachers and the school to take on the colossal task of Lesson Planning and turn it highly simple yet most effective and error-free.

The module has Teacher’s Calendar with Lesson Plan, Schedule, and Status which the concerned authorities may view at any given point in time for any teacher teaching any class. The module has complete scope of customisation as it comes with customised lesson plan option with user-defined database fields. It comes handy for the teachers and the school and may add or modify the fields required as per the individual requirements.

It makes the scheduling of lesson plan and its delivery very easy in terms of week, month and year respectively. It has a provision for the teachers to maintain Daily Teacher’s Diary which is one of the most important documents for the teachers and the school on the whole.

It reflects the information related to classwork and homework updates and brings about observation of teachers on every student’s homework. The best bit is that reports on lesson plan coverage can be taken out in no time for any and every class and related to every teacher.

The school is able to keep a close tab on the performance of the teachers and the students and may take corrective measures if view any deviation at any given point in time.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Homework Assignment

Who loves to do assignments and homework but they are very important to keep the students fully charged and geared up to face the examinations. Through this module, the school can create different types of assignments, homeworks, project works, and others. It can be assigned class-wise, section-wise and even to a particular group of students with option of multilingual description. Different kinds of files related to homework and assignments can be attached in doc., pdf, jpeg formats. The assignments can be assigned and allotted to the students using Teacher Mobile Application and the best bit is that even images can be shared via mobile’s camera.

The teachers who teach different classes but the same subjects can assign the same homework/assignment to students by selection of multiple sections option. Not only that. Homeworks can be pre-planned and can be pre-scheduled for auto publishing on mobile and web portal.

The parents are notified regarding the assigned homework/assignments through mobile notifications so that there is no communication gap and the parents may guide and help the students in completing the tasks assigned for home.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Mobile SMS

This is one of the most efficient features of the software. This robust feature helps parents to stay updated with the latest happenings of school and the latest information of their child. It allows you to shoot important Bulk SMS to all parents in just one click.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Activities & Achievements

The school is the best haven bustling with a range of activities and a preparation ground for the students to participate in a range of scholastic and co-scholastic activities in and outside the school at different levels and excel. Maintaining the records of all the activities and managing the list of achievements along with accolading it is a huge task. This module enables the school to manage activities images gallery which can be easily integrated with the school’s website. Not only that. There is a great option of tagging individual students, particular groups, sections, and classes respectively.

Talking about the achievements bit, the module facilitates configuration of achievements levels, manages individual student’s participation in activities and his/her achievements and the notification of achievements with image gets auto exhibited on web portal and mobile application. The schools may also print Achievement Certificates without any hassles.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Daily Remarks

As our ERP is efficient in keeping a track of the students' life cycle. So on the other side, to keep the parents well informed about the student’s Daily activity in school, we have the option wherein teachers can send daily remarks to the parents informing their Child’s activity in the school. In this way if a student is lacking behind in any area then the parents can help the child focus in that particular area.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Hostel Management

Edunext offers a cloud based Hostel Management system for paperless & advanced hostel management operations. It has a Mobile App interface as well for convenient experience. It covers many important aspects of hostel management.

Students can be provided hostel accommodation based on the availability of rooms. When recording hostel details, custom fields can be added to record any additional information required by the institution. The software is customizable and can be modified as per the requirement of the hostel.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Payroll Management

Releasing of salaries to the teachers and other staff is a monthly task and must be carried out with precision and there are several aspects which have to be taken into consideration as salaries encompass several components and not even one can be left unheeded and this module helps the school to handle all the related aspects with absolute accuracy and in a meticulous way. The module processes salaries and generates related reports for the school. iT also publishes salary slips online as today everyone demands for it for different purposes. The module acts as a data bank to store information regarding savings and investment details of each individual employee and it stays with the school perennially and can be altered at any given point in time whenever there is any change.

It helps in TDS calculation and generates reports related to it. The ECR file can be generated through this module for the purpose of Provident Fund (PF). The calculation related to not only PF but ESI is possible here and it helps to generate reports regarding it.

The module also prepares report related to bank salary disbursement and helps the school to keep a record of loans and advances for every individual employee. Moreover, it is very helpful in calculating increments and arrears.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Student Attendance

Attending school has always been very important for the students to gain what they vie for. Several parents and the school on the whole has always faced some grave concerns when it comes to attendance. But that is the talk of the yore.

Our Student Attendance Module covers all the aspects related to attendance and what is inspiring is the fact that the reports are available readily for the school and parents of individual students. Through this module, the attendance can be recorded on the following bases viz. daily, first half and second half, subject-wise and period-wise.

The school gets a Dashboard view with the list of students who are absent for more than three days with an option of sending SMS to the parents. Moreover, the school authorities may view Dashboard with daily attendance that can be filtered to section and student level respectively.

Further, the concerned authorities may keep a track of the classes for which attendance is not recorded for any particular day.

There are some more important features included in the module namely SMS and Mobile Application notification to the parents of absentees. What is interesting is the fact that the attendance can be recorded by teachers via Mobile Application.

Additionally, the leave applications, approvals, and refusals can be managed via Mobile Application and the school’s website. The module has seamless integration with transport, gate pass and examination report card functionalities.

It is highly important for the Principal and the members from Top Management to analyse attendance statistics and this module has this option with graphical representation. In addition to this, the teachers may print Monthly Attendance Register with percentages.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Examination & Analysis

It is most essential to gauge the performance of every individual student and examinations pose the best and most ideal opportunity to do so. The school may determine the progress of every student in different respects and hence makes it very important. Our module is highly user-friendly and is highly compatible with CBSE, CISCE, IB, and IGCSE Boards. The concerned authorities at the school may enter marks, grades, and remarks.

Moreover, the school may generate and print customised Report Cards as per their requirements. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published online and on Mobile Application. The school may extract Teachers’ Performance Report and can help the school to carry out Graphical and Range Analysis as well.

What is most admirable aspect of this module is that the school may undertake the comparison of the students performance across years and also with their counterparts. Further, CBSE Result Analysis in txt file format can be imported.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Inventory Management

With passage of time, more and more items are procured and purchased by the school hence adding to the inventory list and if it is not managed properly and appropriately, the school will never be able to keep a track of thefts, misplaced items, items sent out, and items sold. The school invests heavily in inventory and its management and maintenance is necessary by all standards and means and this module is the best solution to this challenge. The staff members and teachers may send an online requisition for different items and there is a provision of approval by the concerned authorities with user-defined levels which makes it flexible enough to be modified by the school as desired.

Moreover, the school has an option of user-defined purchase order formats under this module. The stock entry, goods receiving note, and verification is easily possible via this module. Not only this, the processing of invoices submitted by different vendors and payment approval process is also embedded in this module that makes the work of the concerned authorities simple and swift.

The items and item kits issued, sales and returns to students, teachers, departments can be recorded and managed and the school may take out over 10 reports related to issuances, returns, stock list, and others instantly and in a hassle-free manner.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Student Image Gallery

This module helps schools to display the images of students, class-wise, group-wise, section-wise along with title and description of the event. By login to the ERP portal students are able to see the image gallery on the wall; it helps the students to know each other and more about the latest happenings of the school.

Top School Management Software Company in India

Transport Management

The school transport is very much considered to be a part of the school campus and its management is a huge challenge for the school with growing number of untoward incidents. This module brings a transport dashboard with route vacancy-occupancy graphical representation. This module helps in route-stop management and vehicles management with fuel logs. It sends alerts related to maintenance and documents expiry to the concerned authorities for necessary and required action.

The parents and guardians may make requests online regarding availing, withdrawal, and change of transport and it has an option to approve or refuse it. It also enables Android-based GPS tracking of the vehicles and facilitates attendance of the students while in the school vehicles.

Top School Management Software Company in India

In this digital era, from banking to education most of the things have gone online. Thus how could be the management of any organization be deprived of integration of smart technologies. With school, there come several administrative tasks, which could be carried effectively and in hassle-free manner using reliable School ERP Software. Apart from this, the school having robust ERP software could focus on the other core for good outputs. It not only ensures a smooth process for online admission, fee payment, sending a communication to the respective school authorities and other school processes. But it also cuts down the pen-paper work and makes the tasks less time-consuming. Integrating smart technology that makes school system efficient by providing mobile application for parents and staff also helps to stand out in the education domain for sure.

Edunext Technologies has developed one of the most advanced and user friendly School ERP Software for managing various school activities. This School ERP system ensures streamlined administrative processes like admission processes, payroll, attendance, e-learning, and a lot more. Our ERP software is one stop solution for hassle-free and secure school management. There are many benefits that come along with implementing the cloud-based school ERP software in school. Let us find more in detail about the various modules included in this smart ERP software that ensures scalability and streamlined management process.

School Management Software
Role-Based Portal Benefits
Best School Management Software Company in India

Parents – For All Updates of Ward

Now Parents do not need to rush to school, for any required information and other time consuming processes like admission query, for a student progress report, or fee management. All required procedures could be easily available with just a click on a single platform. The smart alert system, keep the parents updated with the latest information of the ward. Whether it is about the circular, syllabus or any important news related to events of the news, each and every update related to school and ward could be easily accessed using this best school software.

This efficient software allows the parents to communicate with the principal, class teacher, and even subject teacher easily. Also, parents can get daily remarks of his/her ward from the teacher end. Also, the integration of the online fee payment system not only proves helpful but also time saving. Now neither of the parents would require taking leave from office, in order to submit the fees of their ward. It could be easily done from anywhere, anytime within a minute with just a click away.

Best School Management Software Company in India

Students – To Accelerate the Learning

To take the learning beyond the classroom, this software is the best school software. Students could be easily able to check the syllabus for assessments and check and even submit homework and assignments in various supported formats. Also, students can apply leaves requests using the software easily. This advanced school management software also notifies the student when any online live classes or quiz are scheduled so that student does not miss any of them. Also, this software allows students to view other important details like attendance, circular, or timetable.

Apart from all these, the eminent feature of E-learning is available for the students. It allows students to access school-made resources for learning in various formats like presentation, audio, or video lessons, which helps the student to understand the context well. Also, advanced features like discussion board come along, so that students could discuss about their doubts and queries gets sorted even when the class ends. Also, there is an option to “Forget Password” in case any of the students forget the credentials they can easily reset the password and use the software again by logging successfully.

Best School Management Software Company in India

Teachers – To Level up the Teaching

Now teachers will be able to easily analyze the complete class or individual student’s performance using the easy to interrupt graphical representation dashboards. This school software allows teachers to gauge the performance of students on various aspects of hassle-freely. The highlight is that it ensures error-free lesson planning to pace the learning to the next greater extent.

This smart school management software allows the class teacher or subject teacher to conduct online quizzes, audio, or video explanation for a particular context. Also, this smartly designed and robust school software allows the teacher to share the link which lets the students connect with live classes directly. Apart from this, teachers are able to access the required student detail, for example, parent's contact information, blood group, or any other required information easily, whenever required among the other student's information. It also allows the subject teachers to enter the scores post assessment and maintain the assessment marks. Along with the option to mark the student’s attendance, it allows the teacher to facilitate faster and efficient communication with the parents.

Best School Management Software Company in India

Admin and Finance – For Streamlined Process

Now those complex and time consuming day to day administrative processes can be carried forward in a trouble-free way. The concerned school authority is able to access the information using an interactive graphical dashboard representation. Thus allows analyzing and deciding the next important feature to be taken towards the progress of the organization. It allows high authorities like Principal to view compiled data of complete student attendance and also staff attendance. Also, it comes with option to view admission related in the form of graphical representation.

The highlight of the finance portal is the fee dashboard, which depicts the information like day wise collection and remaining dues. A reliable payroll module allows processing employee salaries along with synchronizing staff attendance error-freely. It also gives the option to generate the salary slips, TC and other important documents with just a single click. Apart from this, the report could be also prepared regarding the salary disbursement to the bank and other important records like salary advancement and loans for individual staff members could be maintained. This robust software ensures that processes are carried in a streamlined manner.

Benefits of School ERP Software
Education ERP software comes along integration with G-Suite and Microsoft Office. It allows the student to directly connect with the scheduled live classes being conducted over Google Meet or Zoom. The next level integration of G-suite allows teachers to share content over Google Drive. Using the e-learning feature, students can access the learning resources in various formats like PDF, audio, word, video, etc. as many times as required. It also comes along an interactive discussion board for subject teachers and class students so as to discuss queries over a particular topic. Also, it comes along the smart features of the automated attendance marking system of student attending the live classes using the E-connect option.
This robust school ERP software allows teachers to conduct quiz both subjective and objective types, with an option of instant result generation. The tests could be given online hassle-freely using the mobile app, ensuring a smooth process. It allows the student to upload the image of the answer to all subjective type questions at once as an attachment. The easy to use GUI allows students to give the online quiz trouble-freely. Also as per requirement, the results could be sent in bulk to individual student’s email IDs. Also, our dedicated support team is available throughout the test period in order to help if in case any unforeseen issue occurs.
One of the most important things that a parent considers while sending the child to school is the ward’s safety. ERP comes with numerous modules, among them transport module helps in vehicle management along with fuel logs and also route stop management. Apart from this, it comes with real time GPS tracking. It ensures complete child security as using the Parent app, the ward’s parent will be able to see the complete transport details like bus details, driver, conductor, or in charge encompassing the bus and could track their child along the route.

Parents get notified for on-boarding and de-boarding to the bus along with child entry and exit from the school premises. It also facilities the attendance capture of the student in the school’s transport vehicle. Smart notifications alerts do not let the parent miss any of their ward’s updates. Also, the Visitor management app along with pickup ID generation ensures that child security completely.
Manual attendance is no doubt is one of the time consuming and mandatory day to day processes. Smart attendance system like Biometric and RFID makes the process pen-paper free and the intact data gets instantly updated to the system, which could be viewed by school officials and parents using the mobile app.

One of the best things about the attendance management system is that it helps the school managements to reach out required conclusion by analyzing the statistics on basis of class or intact school, or separately for the staff members. Intact data could be viewed in easy to interpret graphical representation. Thus the teacher could spend the saved time on teaching so that great outputs could be achieved.
After making efforts, finally, it is the report card, which matters a lot to analyze the student performance. With more numbers of students, the report generation consumes lots of time and resources too. Now the report card could be generated for an individual student or entire class with a single click easily with reliable school data management software. All is required is to just select the template of choice, select class, term, and other required details along and then the required report will be generated in front, within seconds.

This smart solution ensures error-free report card generation along with automated percentage calculation. Only the marks for the students are required from the subject teacher's end. Rest the smart cloud based student ERP could generate the desired report card without any trouble. Another intellectual feature that proves beneficial is that as per the marks the report card will also able to display the status as promoted or demoted. Also, complete student attendance gets displayed on the report card. Opting these types of smart solution not only reduces the pen-paper work but saves a lot of time too.
When it comes to payroll, the process no doubts constitute of lots of paperwork and is also much time consuming. Thus arises the requirement for robust payroll management software that makes the things hassle-free and error-free too along. School ERP providing payroll module proves much beneficial for managing the payroll of the staff. Only the values are required to be defined rest things will be auto calculated by the ERP. Management will be able to review the gross salary, deduction, salaries based on departments, and more in the dashboard. The graphical representation of the data helps to reach out to the conclusions and make the process run efficiently.

Apart from this, it allows the generation of the salary slips according to the defined details. Also, the system calculates the salaries, according to the attendance of synchronized data. Thus there is no need to separately put details of attendance to calculate the salary. This is turn saves a lot of time and brings an end to pen-paper and hectic tasks. Along with easy to Graphic User Interface makes it an efficient solution for managing the data.
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