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Edunext ERP has integrated modules to manage the entire school administrative processes including Enquiry, Admission, Fee collection, Inventory, Purchase, Hostel, Transport, Front Office Management, and many other modules that help schools to bring the entire administration process under one umbrella. Edunext Administrative modules help schools to analyze and plan their resources in a better way to maximize the output which helps in school's overall growth.

Best School Management Software Company in India
Fee Management

The fee management module brings an intuitive fee dashboard for the school with information like a day wise collection, projected collection and dues, and others. It has an integrated online fee payment gateway that is highly beneficial for the school and the parents as it saves considerable time and effort.

It sends overdue fee reminders in an automated way and manages the fee concession and waiver approval process with much ease and at a great pace. Through this module, the fee can be collected through ECS and NACH as options. It manages Caution Money/Security Deposit refunds in a highly seamless way.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Fee Management

  • Fee Dashboard with Day’s Collection, Dues-Receipts, etc

  • Online Fee Payment Gateway

  • Auto Overdue Fee Reminders

  • Fee Concession & Waiver Approval Process

  • 40+ Fee Collection, Pending Fee and Overall Status Reports

  • Caution/Security Money Refunds

  • Fee Collection through ECS and NACH

  • Customized Fee Challan & Receipts

Inventory Management

The school invests heavily in inventory and its management and maintenance is necessary by all standards and means and this module is the best solution to this challenge. The staff members and teachers may send an online requisition for different items and there is a provision of approval by the concerned authorities with user-defined levels which makes it flexible enough to be modified by the school as desired.

Moreover, the school has an option of user-defined purchase order formats under this module. The stock entry, goods receiving note, and verification is easily possible via this module. Not only this, the processing of invoices submitted by different vendors and payment approval process is also embedded in this module that makes the work of the concerned authorities simple and swift.

The items and item kits issued, sales and returns to students, teachers, departments can be recorded and managed and the school may take out over 10 reports related to issuances, returns, stock list, and others instantly and in a hassle-free manner.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Inventory Management

  • Online Requisition and Approval Process with User-defined Levels

  • User-defined Purchase Order Formats

  • Goods Receiving Note, Verification and Stock Entry

  • Invoice Processing and Payments Approval Process

  • Items & Item Kits Issue, Sale and Return to Students, Staff Members and Departments

  • 25+ Issue, Return, Stock Reports

Transport Management

The school transport is very much considered to be a part of the school campus and its management is a huge challenge for the school with growing number of untoward incidents. This module brings a transport dashboard with route vacancy-occupancy graphical representation. This module helps in route-stop management and vehicles management with fuel logs. It sends alerts related to maintenance and documents expiry to the concerned authorities for necessary and required action.

The parents and guardians may make requests online regarding availing, withdrawal, and change of transport and it has an option to approve or refuse it. It also enables Android-based GPS tracking of the vehicles and facilitates attendance of the students while in the school vehicles.

Best School Management Software Company in IndiaFeatures of Transport Management

  • Transport Dashboard with Route Vacancy-Occupancy Graph

  • Route-Stop Management

  • Vehicle Management with Fuel Log and Reminders for Maintenance & Documents Expiry

  • Online Request and Approval for Availing, Withdraw or Change Transport

  • Transport Attendance

  • Android-based GPS Tracking

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