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Best School Management Software Company in Noida
Best School Management Software Company in Noida

School Mobile App

Helps students, parents, teachers and school management connected to enable faster communication between them.

school mobile app
Best School Management Software Company in India

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Top School Management Software Company in India

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Best School Management Software Company in India

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The Digital era comes along the requirement of various gadgets in order to attain the utmost benefit amongst all. Among different technical devices available worldwide, the smartphone is the only device that is available with most of the people. Thus it generates a requirement of Mobile App for Schools management for staying updated with each and every status of the student. Edunext School Mobile App ensures that almost all the necessary work related to school is done from anywhere and anytime with just a tap away. All school-related day to day tasks is possible to be done with a single mobile app, whether it is about fees submission, checking up circulars, syllabus or homework assigned, connecting to live classes, e-learning or student progress report, everything is made available with Edunext School Management Mobile App.

Best School Management Software Company in Noida

App Features

The Student app consists of circular, homework, e-learning, fee submission and many more options. The student can login to their mobile app using their username and password.

  • Communication
  • Circular
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Remarks
  • Image Gallery
  • Homework
  • Attendance
  • Attendance
  • Fees
  • Digital Learning
  • E-Connect
  • E-Learning
  • Quiz
  • Quiz Result
  • Discussion
  • Time Table
  • Syllabus
  • Result
  • Achievements
  • Consent Form

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Edunext School Mobile App ensures that almost all the necessary work related to school is done from anywhere and anytime with just a tap away.

school mobile app
Eminent Features of School Management Mobile App
For accessing the efficient features of mobile app and keep on track the ward’s performance. Parents need to login to the school mobile App using the login credentials in order to check the details of the students without a miss. In some cases, parents have more than one child studying at the same school. Our smart mobile app comes ensures trouble-free login using only using one user ID for multiple wards. The “Switch Ward” features allow parents to have access to the all details of the concerned child with only one family login ID. Also, the app comes along helpful feature of “Forgot Password”, so that in case any parent forgets the credentials, they can easily reset the same when required.
Heads of the School needs to keep on check about the whereabouts of school in order to analyze the progress. Using reliable mobile app for school, this can be done anywhere, anytime on the go. Edunext Smart App for Mobile allows admin to view summarized reports for fees collection, overall attendance of school students and staff and also allows to view school admission related summarized reports. This kind of reports helps in concluding the areas of focus, in order to achieve greater outputs and eventually contributing to the growth of the organization.
For students along with learning resources and attendance, homework is equally important. This app ensures that the process is carried forward trouble-free way. Students can able to check homework subject-wise and can submit the app using the app. Also, this app allows the teacher to upload the homework for students in various supporting formats like .docs, .pdf, .ppt, etc. The smart alert option notifies the student with new homework when it is available for the students. So that not a single and important update gets missed.
Advanced digitalized mode of learning and teaching, no doubt is one of the efficient ways of education. Edunext Mobile App ensures that the learning does not stop and accelerate the progress rates. This reliable mobile app provides an option to connect to the live class and access all the learning resources available in various formats without any kind of issues. All study materials are arranged subject-wise and chapter-wise so as to easily access the required study materials. Also, this app notifies the student when the subject teacher schedules any class timely. This app also provides an option to connect to the classes scheduled for Zoom or Google Meet; directly using the link.
Fee payment always becomes a matter of concern for parents. As they have to rush to the school, stand in queue and some parents even have to take a day off from work just to submit fees. Along with this, there lies other limitation like holidays and taking care of fee receipts. This smart Mobile App for Schools brings an end to all the limitations and issues with online fee payment. Now the fee payment is just a click away and can be done from anywhere, anytime, and even on any weekday.
There are many mobile apps for schools available on the current date. But the question arises here is, what if parents face any issue and can they will be able to reach out to the right person who can help them with the resolutions. And here, it makes us stand out among the rest. Edunext provides dedicated parent helpdesk support to help the parent with any of the queries providing satisfying resolutions. Also, the team of technical support and mobile app geeks are aligned to resolve the reported issue or bug at the earliest possible.
To evaluate the understanding of class on a particular chapter, the conduction of an online quiz is a good option indeed. It helps the subject teacher to analyze the grasp of the student in the chapter so that future classes are planned accordingly. Smartphones accompanying this smart app for school ensures greater availability. Using the app the quiz could be conducted without any kind of issues. Apart from this, instant results are generated post the quiz end. So that students can estimate his/her progress so far yet.
Smart Alert features help to stay a step ahead by notifying the parents and staff with the latest updates on the mobile app. Apart from this, parents can check student’s attendance, daily remarks, and even the report cards using the app. This efficient mobile app also allows smooth communication between parents and concerned school authorities like the principal, class teacher, and even the subject teacher. It allows parents to check circular and syllabus for their ward. This app also provides options for students and staff to apply for leave and this all could be done using this easy to use and efficient one single school mobile app.
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