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  • Best School Management Software Company in India
    Edunext signs partnership with Wizenoze

    Wizenoze is pleased to announce its partnership with Edunext, one of the most reputed and trusted school ERP and LMS players in India.Curated content from globally recognized sources is available on their platform and can be used by both teachers and students – in classrooms and at home.

  • Best School Management Software Company in India
    Top 10 Best School ERP Software In India

    An efficient School ERP Software no doubt makes the day to day complex school management hassle-free. Today we are going to discuss about Top 10 School ERP in India to help you to choose the best among the rest. School ERP software makes the management process paperless and less time consuming thus reducing the manpower.

  • Best School Management Software Company in India
    Top 10 Best School Management Software In India

    With the advent of the digital era, everything is made available on fingertips with the help of advanced technologies. If we discuss about the good schools, no doubts, the one having a robust and reliable school management system that also comes along mobile application for various role based users will top the list. Integration of reliable School ERP Software makes the day to day administrative process streamline and hassle-free.

  • Best School Management Software Company in India
    Top 10 Best School Mobile Apps In India

    Technological advancements in various sectors make things easily accessible at the fingertips. One such example is the smartphone, which is among the most used gadgets at the time. That makes it preferable to use for most of the day to day tasks. Whether it is related to booking rides, online payments, online food ordering, accessing the required information, for communication purposes, entertainment, music and also learning to a great extent.

  • Best School Management Software Company in India
    Top 10 E-Learning Software For Schools

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the education sector to a greater extent. That formulated the need to bring and prefer innovative e-learning solutions by Technology experts over the existing schooling system so that learning would not stop. Now schooling could be continued beyond classrooms with advanced methods for potential outputs. If you are looking for the best e-learning software for schools, then you are absolutely in the right place.

  • Best School Management Software Company in India
    How E-Learning Solution Is Changing The Current Education Scenario?

    With contrast to things, which were 100 years back, we can clearly see how things got evolved to digital platforms whether it is about banking, shopping, payments, counseling, or even schooling. With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the realization of the requirement for e-learning equally came in front along with staying home and safe. New technology based innovations not only made the processes faster and accessible but also secure.

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