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Exam Proctoring

EdunextTM is proud to introduce PowerTEST – a powerful online examination proctoring solution. Now, schools may conduct online assessment in the virtual environment similar to classroom examination. The students can be divided into groups and invigilators can be assigned. The invigilator has to verify the identity of the student before initiating the test. During the online test the invigilator can see the live streaming of students’ video as well his/her screen. The platform is AI enabled to monitor the suspicious activities including shifting the examination window, copy and paste, etc.

A detailed analysis of the test with all the suspicious activities are captured and shared with invigilator & School authorities.

PowerTEST proctoring solution is seamlessly integrated with Edunext’s E-learning module wherein online assessments, attendance and detailed exam analysis is configured.

  • Face recognition to avoid impersonation: Advanced facial recognition features to authenticate the student that he/she is the actual person taking the exam.
  • Facial Recognition:Eliminate chances of fraud or impersonation during assessments
  • Student identity verification by comparing student live photo with school records
  • Real-Time Proctoring:Real-time audio, video & screen recording of user actions
  • Accessible:Access proctored videos on-the-go via desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile applications
  • Browser Patrolling: Know when a user closes/changes their browser/screen and disable Copy/Paste
  • Invigilation: Real-time communication via Chat in case of questions or confusion
  • Automated Analysis: In-depth analysis of user behaviour and actions
  • Real-time examination proctoring with live video streaming
  • Provision of breaking of classes in smaller student groups for efficient proctoring
  • Live video, audio and chats between invigilator and students
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